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Nowe (ale oczywiście używane) koszulki w rozmiarach dla małych pań i panów można zobaczyć i kupić w Mufinka Cafe w Krakowie.


Myriad Pro Regular.
font size: 104pt / leading: 72pt


PANHOJDA RECYCLED T/SHIRTS is a collection of unique, used, modified t-shirts printed by hand using eco water-based paints. Each has its own history: it was once produced, transported to the store, bought, worn and finally someone decided to give it away. Among them there are no two the same. They differ in origin, color, size, degree of wear, and finally the print, which is a dialogue with their history and character…

Some pieces are now available here.

4 Gitary / flyer

A small flyer for 4 gitary.
Comissioned by Madzia Podziewska.

Łaźnia Nowa repertoire

In September 2009 I was asked to redesign a repertoire of Łaźnia Nowa using some elements of visual identification of the theater. The repertoire now has more content, but by folding it is still a pocket format.

NEW sticke®s

New sticke®s are now awailable online at

Graphic Pirates


I always wanted to create a simple stamp.